Crane Partners
Crane Partners is a private investment firm specializing in alternative investment strategies focusing on the Asian and US markets.
  • Based in the New York metro area, Crane Partners manages two investment strategies: Principal Investments and Trading.
  • Our vision has been to execute a strategy that captures the outsized returns achieved by Principal Investments in rising markets together with the significant returns that can be achieved by Trading a hedged long volatility portfolio that monetizes sharp market declines.
  • This hybrid approach allows Crane to creatively utilize a wide array of tools (both equity and debt) to capitalize on opportunities in various market environments while focusing on preservation of principal.
  • Our investment philosophy is to view both Principal Investments and Trading as one dynamically managed, interconnected strategy as opposed to two discretely managed strategies
  • Since we target specific industries for investments, we will invest in growth stories, not just distressed or asset plays, where we can view our individual deals in a greater context.
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