Principal Investments
Taking an industry approach to our Principal Investments as opposed to a deal-by-deal approach, Crane focuses on developing emerging technologies, new business channels, incremental geographies and operational efficiencies for its portfolio companies.
  • Our ultimate goal is to facilitate growth in our focus industries.
  • Our Principal Investments are concentrated, control positions primarily in debt and equity securities of public or privately held entities based in Asia or US. We focus on control investments because we believe control is essential to creating value. We may also pursue selected minority investments where we can add strategic value.
  • While Principal Investments is positively correlated to the market, our Trading strategy, due to its negative correlation to the market, protects us from declining/volatile markets. It is exactly during such declining/volatile market environments that valuations and opportunities for Principal Investments are most attractive.
  • When this Principal Investment strategy is executed together with the Trading strategy, our goal is to create an overall portfolio that profits from both rising and declining market environments.
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